Report: $3.7 trillion on welfare over last 5 years

Researchers developing underwater Internet

Killer robot debate takes center stage globally

Homeland Security to spend 80 million on armed guards for civil disturbances

Study may link copper to Alzheimers disease

House Speaker John Boehner said his chamber will hold back-to-back votes next week to delay two key pieces of Obamacare — the individual and employer mandates.  Click here to read more...

... American, Mexican and Canadian leaders have agreed to cooperate on energy-saving programs designed to increase business productivity while helping to manage and identify energy-saving best practices... read more>>

... A new drought plan drafted by seven states which get their water from the Colorado River will re-define each states' allocation of the resource during low precipitation levels. The plan will affect 30 million people... read more>>

... Nuclear response experts, scientists and international health officials will participate in an international nuclear response exercise in Austria. 180 participants from countries such as Canada, Iran, Australia and others will work in Vienna...

... As the federal government pushes television signals into digital from analog, officials at the FCC are warning about possible service blackouts... read more>>

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Article V Citizens Initiative
Citizen Guardian is conducting a grassroots citizens initiative to build momentum for a Constitutional process that gives states more power to turn back legislation and regulations of an over-reaching federal government.  The Madison Amendment effort is gaining support across the country to add such a method to the Constitution that gives states exactly this ability.  In order to pressure legislatures and Congress to support the Madison Amendment, Citizen Guardian is promoting the existing authority given the states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, where 2/3rds of the states, upon application to Congress, can initiate a Constitutional convention process. Though there has been only one constitutional convention in 1787, many state legislatures have subsequently made application to Congress for another convention, however none has been called by Congress. A number of organizations and citizens have renewed their efforts to support the Madison Amendment and harness Article V that the Founders wisely included for states and their citizens as a protection against an over-reaching federal government. Because 3/4ths of the states must ratify amendments proposed by the convention, there is little prospect of a 'runaway' convention. In fact, only 17 amendments have been issued by and ratified in the 235 years since the first convention. However, Congress and the state legislatures must feel the pressure for a Convention in order to support the Madison Amendment.  Click here to read Article V...

Open Border Crisis Campaign
Citizen Guardian believes that a secure border is essential to a safe America and our war on terror. But that safety is jeopardized by criminals illegally crossing the board, many with ties to known terrorist and gang organizations. Citizen Guardian is launching a program to pressure legislative representatives and other government leaders to enforce current and enact new laws that call for expanded support and resources for America's border patrol and expanded role of local law enforcement in prosecuting the war against terrorists, criminals and drug lords crossing America's borders.

Engaged Citizen Initiative Launched to Encourage Resilient Communities
Engaged Citizen’s mission is to improve the security of the nation by increasing community resiliency through public/private initiatives that foster innovation, cross-sector collaboration, regional potential & excellence, and public-sector entrepreneurship that leverage the capabilities & assets of local stakeholders and empower constituencies supportive of legislative, legal & administrative policies and efforts which embrace and promote commitments to energy creation, economic growth and sustainable development (read more...)

Top Stories

US electrical grid on the edge of failure
Facebook can lose a few users and remain a perfectly stable network, but where the national grid is concerned simple geography dictates that it is always just a few transmission lines from collapse. That is according to a mathematical study of spatial networks by physicists in Israel and the United States.

LTE and emergency response
January 2012: Last Year, Broadcast Engineering reported that the FCC had "approved a proposal that will require LTE technology to be used for public safety mobile broadband networks used by first responders." The technology, commonly called 4G, is now being tested by emergency responders, technology companies and other groups for its interoperability capabilities. In Florida, for instance, Verizon Wireless has rolled out a $205 million 4G LTE wireless network in 14 markets.

Promoting Local Low Powered Community Radio
January 2012: Almost one year ago exactly, the Obama administration signed into law the "Local Community Radio Act" which allowed smaller community radio stations the ability to broadcast to their communities. At the forefront of the push to give greater radio access to communities is the Prometheus Radio Project. Their efforts help to create local communities of radio broadcasters which could help to disseminate information quickly in the event of a disaster.

Infrastructure, Climate Change and the Economy: Part 1 - Infrastructure Investment
February 11, 2011: Investment in infrastructure to meet the challenges posed by global climate change may spur economic growth and promote stability, a group of British engineering firms said recently. According to the BBC a new report found that communities will need "an infrastructure system that is more resilient to climate change. This will require Government, the public and private sectors and professional sectors such as engineers to come together and proactively meet the challenge of creating a climate resilient infrastructure system for the country."

Infrastructure, Climate Change and the Economy: Part 2 - The Cost of Climate Change
February 11, 2011: With the global climate shifting, national, state and local governments and communities are beginning to feel the effects of catastrophic weather (Australia's flooding and the rise of global food prices). In 2009, the University of Oregon released a study looking at the cost of environmental change to the communities in state of Washington. The report found that "If nothing is done to substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Washington is likely to experience some $3.8 billion in associated annual costs -- including $1.3 billion in health related costs alone."

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A New Way to Fight Terror ...

Washington IRS officials order special scrutiny
...House committee chairmen Wednesday released excerpts from IRS employees detailing orders by the agency’s Washington office to give extra scrutiny to tea party groups' applications for tax-exempt more>>

Virus migrates to US threatens pork prices
...Pork prices may be on the rise in the next few months because of a new virus that has migrated to the U.S, killing piglets in 15 states at an alarming rate in facilities where it has been more>>

Possible threats to US food supply
... Officials in the Department of Homeland Security said recently that there are "credible" threats to the nation's food supply from potential terrorist attacks using ricin and cyanide ... read more>>

Floods in Australia
... Massive rainstorms in Australia have claimed the lives of 20 people already in Queensland. Close to Brisbane, an instant tsunami ripped through a town killing 10 ... read more>>

Rescue team trains to help animals in Kansas
... In Kansas, emergency responders are training with the Kansas State Animal Response Team which was formed four years' ago to help pets during and after a disaster... read more>>

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